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About Us

Many of these posts are Onion Originals, meaning that was the FIRST to find and locate these places by means of traveling to their exact locations wherever they may be, even by locating them accidentally. And also by taking the first web seen photos or by writing the first ever reviews on them seen on a .com site. The food reviewed was eaten at the site and the review was done on site.


These excellent places are at the current time exclusive to When they are better known because of they may start to appear on other web sites, but they were here first! We brought them to you first, and we are very proud of that fact. Happy eating from


This is a guide to the best slawdogs, chilidogs, pit cooked barbeque, real milkshakes, & great burgers. Most are from my neck of the woods - the South. Everyone knows the famous places. I will have some of those. But, I also want to list places you don’t know about. I hope you enjoy my choices.


E-mail me with any new places. This site is a work in progress. It will be updated depending on the weather, gas prices, and The University of Virginia`s basketball schedule. 2019 NCAA National Champions!

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